Responsible Dog Owners Day September 26, 2009

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2009 RDOD

FWKC Hosts Responsible Dog Owner's Day, September 26, 2009
2009RDOD 01 Welcome Banner
2009RDOD 02 DFWMGR Booth
2009RDOD 02b DFWMGR Katie in Chair
2009RDOD 04 Rhodesian Booth
2009RDOD 05 Vizsla Booth
2009RDOD 06 German Shepard Booth
2009RDOD 06a German Shepard Booth
2009RDOD 07 Shetland Sheepdog Booth
2009RDOD 08 Pembroke Corgi Booth
2009RDOD 09 Greyhound Booth
2009RDOD 10 Akita Booth
2009RDOD 11 Carin Terrier Booth
2009RDOD 22 Great Dane Club
2009RDOD 12 Basset Booth
2009RDOD 13 Boxer
2009RDOD 02a DFWMGR Katie in Chair
2009RDOD 14 Pembroke Corgi
2009RDOD 15 Vizsla Shawni
2009RDOD 16 Greyhound
2009RDOD 17 Chin
2009RDOD 17 Pyr
2009RDOD 19 Toy Fox Terrier
2009RDOD 20 English Toy Spaniel
2009RDOD 21 Whippets

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